Meet the Team



Darlene started with us in September of 2019.  She is the administrator here at Sherwood, and responsible for every aspect that goes on in our home. Sher was born in North Dakota and has had her administration license since 2003. She likes to ride her bicycle and enjoys painting and spending time with her three children.


Director of Nursing

Wanda is our Director of Nursing and is responsible for all things clinical happening at Sherwood Manor. She loves to cruise and travel with her husband. 


Business Office Manager

With over 38 years in the nursing home industry, “Jo” has been at Sherwood since 2007. Jo is our business office manager and handles all our payroll, billing, and every imaginable report and form.  She loves motorcycle rides with her husband Greg and spending as much time as possible with her three grandchildren.


MDS Coordinator

Dee started with Sherwood in 2016. She is our MDS Coordinator and is responsible for continuously monitoring, evaluating, and managing care given to our residents.  In her spare time, she loves to read and spend time with her grandchild.


Social Services/Admissions Coordinator

Karna has been with Sherwood all the way since 2005. As our Admissions coordinator and Social Services Director, she organizes all doctors’ appointments for our residents, brings in outside groups for resident activities, and coordinates all incoming residents. In her free time, she likes to swim and hike and loves spending time with her 18 grandchildren. 


Maintenance Coordinator

Sammy is our maintenance coordinator. If there is a facilities issue at Sherwood Sammy is right there getting it fixed! 


Staffing & Training Coordinator

Jamie is our staffing and training coordinator. She takes care of scheduling our nurse care team as well handling training for new emplolyees.